Reuven has recipe ideas that will make your menu fabulous!  Our foodservice recipes are created based on food trends, consumer insights and input from our staff of culinary experts.  Browse our recipes below or use the handy product selector to find inspiring ways to use Reuven products in innovative and great tasting menu applications.

Recipes / Food Service
Chicken Cheese Pear & Raddish Salad with Gochujang Dressing
Buttery Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip
Chicken Parmesan Bake
Beetroot Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Katsu Sando with Tonkatsu Sauce
Chicken Primavera
Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Crispy Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Crispy Chicken Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich (CBLT)
Stuffed Chicken Margherita Pizza
Southern Fried Chicken & Cheddar Grits
Banh Mi Steak Sandwich
Beef Bourguignon
Cilantro Lime Chicken with Mango Avocado Salsa
Spinach & Beet Salad with Crispy Battered Chicken
Breaded Mini Fillets with a Summer Fattoush
Taco Pizza
Shredded Beef Tacos
Karaage Banh Mi
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
Chicken N’ Waflles
Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Citrus Fennel Slaw
Beef Fajitas Stir Fry
Crispy Chicken Ramen Salad
General Tso Chicken
Crispy Chicken Thai Noodle Salad with Peanut Lime Dressing
Chicken Pad Thai
Asian Slaw with Karaage
Karaage and Noodle Stir-Fry
Karaage Rice Bowl
Chicken Chili
Mediterranean Chicken Pita Wraps
Chicken Fried Rice
Basil Mashed Potatoes with Chicken & Cherry Tomatoes
Chicken with Roasted Harissa Vegetables
Spiralized Zucchini Salad with Chicken
Tabbouleh Salad with Chicken
Honey Garlic Chicken Tacos
Chicken Pho
Chicken Biryani Rice
Nashville Hot Dusted Chicken Wings
Gochujang Korean BBQ Dusted Chicken Wings
Baked Tandoori Chicken Wings
Baked Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings
Coconut Breaded Chicken Wings with Mango Chili Glaze
Pan Fried Thai Peanut Chicken Wings
Smoked Chicken Wings